sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

ENTRY N° 2 How did English evolve?

This video narrates the history of English language from the ancient times to our days. The author, Kate Gardoqui, explains that the evolution of this language was the result of several invasions of Britain. The Roman invasion in 400 CE and then the Germanic tribes, such as the Angles, the Saxons and Jutes, contributed in the formation of Old English, also known as Anglo-Saxon.
Later, in 1066, the Norman led by William the Conqueror, colonized the British Islands and French became the most important language spoken by the aristocracy whereas the English was only spoken by the peasants or poor people.
According to the author, the expressions " a hearty welcome" and a "cordial reception" evoke different pictures and connotations. The first expression written in Old English, suggests ordinary people laughing and drinking beer, while the second one, could be associated with rich people. As Gardoqui claims, "history lives in the words we speak and hear", we are aware of this or not.

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